Volvo YCC Concept Car Receives 2006 Swedish Design Award

Volvo YCC Concept Car Receives 2006 Swedish Design Award

The Volvo YCC Concept Car has been one of those idea vehicles at any point made that has surely commanded the notice of car lovers and fans as well as of associations that attempt to take a gander at commendable and remarkable plans. That is unquestionably why the Volvo YCC Concept Car got the 2006 Swedish Design Award.

The 2006 Swedish Design Award’s jury needed to really respect and offer acknowledgment to commonsense plan just as to brilliant critical thinking manifestations that utilization such reasonable plan as a strategy. All named plans would be really put in plain view this coming pre-winter in the House of Sweden which is the new Swedish international safe haven complex situated in Washington, D.C.

So what is the Volvo YCC Concept Car? All things considered, really, YCC represents Your Concept Car. It is Volvo Car Corporation’s eye catching idea vehicle. One of something kind about this vehicle is that it has been planned, arranged, and made by a group involved ladies. There were no men in the group. This Volvo YCC has unquestionably taken the consideration of the entire world since the time its disclosing during the Geneva vehicle show held last March 2004.

The Volvo YCC has additionally beenĀ Skvaller perhaps the most granted idea vehicles around. Beside the 2006 Swedish Design Award given by the Swedish Advertisign Association and SVID, this vehicle has likewise gotten different honors like the Golden Spark Plug given by the Swedish Automobile Association last April 2003, the Best Concept Car given by configuration ace Ross Lovegrove last March 2004, the best Design in Show given by the New York Daily News last April 2004, the Women of the Year grant given by the Swedish magazine Damernas Varld last December 2004, the Woman of the Year grant given by the motoring magazine Automotive News Europe last May 2005, the Andre Award given by the Swedish Patent and Registration Office last April 2005, the Golden Globe grant given by the World Media Festival for the film made about the YCC last June 2005, and the Torsten and Wania Soderberg configuration grant last December 2005.

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